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I am a textile artist with a background in printmaking and photography. I received my BFA from UC Davis in 1996. Found objects hold a fascination for me partly because of their random nature, but also because it feels right to re-purpose and reuse instead of discard. I suppose my desire to see things gain new life results from my long experience as a Registered Nurse. There is no easy explanation for why I make dolls. As most artists will tell you, we are simply compelled in one way or another. In that, I have been all over the map, to be sure: painting in oils and acrylic, printmaking, silk painting, writing poetry, singing, and dancing. Making these dolls, for now, just feels right and good. That all the wire-twisting, stitches, beading, modeling, and painting are hand-work means a return to the investment of energy into each piece in a way we rarely see in our tech-driven, factory processed products. In addition they are locally produced, and often customized specifically to a customer's design. My skill and approach are always evolving. I am always a student, though often a teacher. I am fortunate to live in beautiful Napa, California, a source for my inspiration and peace, with my equally talented and ever so witty husband.

Making Molly Doll

Don’t think I’ve gotten Molly Doll up yet. Made from wire armature, cotton, silk, found fabrics, beads and ribbons, and acrylic paint, as well as real hair.

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Doing this on a smart phone is not easy, folks! Anyway, I got little fish beads all around the basket on the outside. I anchored them with tiny beads which are now popping off as wood further work on the … Continue reading

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Weaving away the hours, basketry

I spent almost all day working on this basket. It is a slow process. Got through several episodes of Orphan Black. I am varying the sinew color and the the pine needles, light, dark and so on. I have include … Continue reading

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In the Studio today

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Origami Paper Doll

This is my first attempt at a paper doll. Love it!

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A tiny Bible for the Linda Doll. Made from well worn leather and repurposed pages of a damaged bible. Gave it a little bit of ribbon to mark the Psalms.  

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Linda, Memorial Doll

Currently working on a Memorial Doll. I am honored to have this task.

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Memorial Doll


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Millefiori results

Not as easy as expected. But I will keep them for future whimsical dolls. Made buttons and beads.

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Millefiori cane for eyes

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