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I am a textile artist with a background in printmaking and photography. I received my BFA from UC Davis in 1996. Found objects hold a fascination for me partly because of their random nature, but also because it feels right to re-purpose and reuse instead of discard. I suppose my desire to see things gain new life results from my long experience as a Registered Nurse. There is no easy explanation for why I make dolls. As most artists will tell you, we are simply compelled in one way or another. In that, I have been all over the map, to be sure: painting in oils and acrylic, printmaking, silk painting, writing poetry, singing, and dancing. Making these dolls, for now, just feels right and good. That all the wire-twisting, stitches, beading, modeling, and painting are hand-work means a return to the investment of energy into each piece in a way we rarely see in our tech-driven, factory processed products. In addition they are locally produced, and often customized specifically to a customer's design. My skill and approach are always evolving. I am always a student, though often a teacher. I am fortunate to live in beautiful Napa, California, a source for my inspiration and peace, with my equally talented and ever so witty husband.

Millefiori eyes from Polymer Clay

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Trying my hand at millefiori eyes today. Seems pretty easy. I want to try using these eyes instead of glass or bead eyes, or even painted eyes.

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Drawing and Painting Apps

Drawing Pad is a simple productivity app I frequently use to work up my initial ideas on a doll. I often start will an actual pencil or pen drawing, photograph it with my phone or iPad, and then pull it … Continue reading

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Molly and Co.

I received a text to start this commission and it evolved from there. You’ll see, these tiny dolls now have painted faces and will soon have beautiful hair and dresses. The rings around their waists are from a wild necklace … Continue reading

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On changing directions in life: poem

I have been asked How does it feel: These thirty days so far Trailing at my heel? Like waves that softly Reach along the sand, then Softly still they steal away again and sink to anonymity Into the vast sea, … Continue reading

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Veronica Doll

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Veronica was completed and delivered in December of 2011 on commission for a good friend. She took about 6 weeks to complete from wire armature to purse and shoes. Size approximately 14 inches tall.  

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The First Dolls

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Tiny Dolls

Allright, I am moving forward on the first of the 5 tiny dolls. jointed arms and legs using Cotter pins 24 g green garden wire (got a bunch at a garage sale) Sculpy III clay (well condition by hand and … Continue reading

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I have been working on pine needle baskets, mostly Ponderosa Pine.

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Happy New Year!

I have neglected my post here too long! I admit to being distracted recently by Basket weaving. In October, I held a 6 day retreat at my home in Napa with two of my sisters. We exchanged creative skills in … Continue reading

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Grace’s Five Skirts

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