Weaving away the hours, basketry

I spent almost all day working on this basket. It is a slow process. Got through several episodes of Orphan Black. I am varying the sinew color and the the pine needles, light, dark and so on. I have include some of the trumpet vine branches and a thin piece of bamboo periodically to add strength. Also adding in some bits of color with raffia and embroidery thread ( and the gold and bronze metallic threads…it gets pretty tangled up after awhile)that I carry along side my tube with the needles.
I haven’t quite decided what the ultimate shape is going to be but I do want to add some dangly trinkets. I have beads and metallic shapes ( birds, scissors, frogs, elephants, bells.)…haven’t decided. I have to ask the basket what it wants. Sounds weird but it works. The basket talks.Basketry July 20 2013

About jodynash

I am a textile artist with a background in printmaking and photography. I received my BFA from UC Davis in 1996. Found objects hold a fascination for me partly because of their random nature, but also because it feels right to re-purpose and reuse instead of discard. I suppose my desire to see things gain new life results from my long experience as a Registered Nurse. There is no easy explanation for why I make dolls. As most artists will tell you, we are simply compelled in one way or another. In that, I have been all over the map, to be sure: painting in oils and acrylic, printmaking, silk painting, writing poetry, singing, and dancing. Making these dolls, for now, just feels right and good. That all the wire-twisting, stitches, beading, modeling, and painting are hand-work means a return to the investment of energy into each piece in a way we rarely see in our tech-driven, factory processed products. In addition they are locally produced, and often customized specifically to a customer's design. My skill and approach are always evolving. I am always a student, though often a teacher. I am fortunate to live in beautiful Napa, California, a source for my inspiration and peace, with my equally talented and ever so witty husband.
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