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Millefiori eyes from Polymer Clay

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Trying my hand at millefiori eyes today. Seems pretty easy. I want to try using these eyes instead of glass or bead eyes, or even painted eyes.

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Tiny Dolls

Allright, I am moving forward on the first of the 5 tiny dolls. jointed arms and legs using Cotter pins 24 g green garden wire (got a bunch at a garage sale) Sculpy III clay (well condition by hand and … Continue reading

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Polymer clay

Recently I have been experimenting with different forms of polymer clay to make the head, forearms, lower legs and chest of the dolls. I started with Sculpy because it was the only polymer sold at the local craft store, Party … Continue reading

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Welcome to Jody Dolls and The Tall Doll Chronicles

  There is no easy explanation for why I started making dolls dolls. As most artists will tell you, we are simply compelled in one way or another. In that, I have been all over the map, to be sure: … Continue reading

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